Comedy Gold (Comadaidh Oir)

2 Series & 2 compilations – 14 x 30 for BBC Two Scotland – Broadcast November 2005/2006
Plus podcasts.

Comedy Gold (Comadaidh Oir) followed six aspiring Gaelic comedy writers. Part talent contest, part reality television, the Comedy Gold bus toured 6 destinations putting on live shows in each. The challenge? Writers had just three days in each location to write brand new sketches to be performed by professional actors in front of a live audience.

Presenters – Cathy MacDonald, Morag MacDonald
Cast – Alec MacDonald, Carina MacLeod, Kenny MacRae and Ruiaridh MacIver.
Director – Martin Burt
Producers – Ron Bain, Alasdair MacKinnon
Executive Producers – Jacqueline Sinclair, Allan MacDonald (MnE Television)