The Incredible Will & Greg

1 x 30 for Channel 4– Broadcast 2008

A concentrated burst of sketch comedy including the purposeful Pointy Man who shows how to attract the object of your desires using only the power of the point; The Heroic Dr Frank who cures a woman that hasn't spoken for three years while staging a three act play about a hippy with a lisp; The lovable Tony Carter who has the driving lesson from hell; And the imfamous Spanish Man with a Cup who gets involved in a hostage negotiation.  

Writers – Chris Grady, William Andrews, Greg McHugh, Ed Campbell. 
Cast – William Andrews, Greg McHugh, Isy Suttie, Athony Strachan, Jade Lezar, Puja Panchkoty,
Jim Muir.
Director – Nick Wood
Producer – Rab Christie