Athletico Partick

6 x 30 for BBC One – Broadcast 1996


The adventures of an amateur Sunday league, with more focus on pre-match preliminaries and after-match post mortems than the games.


Writer – Ian Pattison
Cast – Included Gordon Kennedy (Jack Roan), Aline Mowat (Karen Roan).
Director and Producer – Colin Gilbert

Bad Brown Owl

1 x 10 short film for Scottish Screen and Childrens’ BBC – Broadcast 2005


A criminal comedy drama for young viewers, Bad Brown Owl is full of adventure, intrigue and a spectacular heist. But can new Brownie member, Rosie, thwart Bad Brown Owl’s evil plans of robbery, save her sister and keep the Brownie law?


Principle cast – Taylor Bliss Maclean, Estrid Barton,
Writer– Morna Findlay
Director  & Editor– Zam Salim
Producers – Jacqueline Sinclair & Gavin Smith


2 Series 12 x 30 for BBC Three – Broadcast 2013 – 2014

Energetic sitcom about childhood friends Matthew, Tom and Ben who grew up together but haven’t yet grown up. They couldn’t be worse at being adults… they’re BADULTS!

Outrageous, ridiculous, and with an anarchic streak BADULTS follows flatmates Tom, Ben and Matthew on a series of adventures that lead them to the brink of death, imprisonment, and even worldwide fame.

Watch the boys fail spectacularly at being adults as they rob banks, chase girls, poison pals, blow their cash, sing, dance and get guillotined. Spatulas become sexy, restaurants pop-up, lizards give advice and dance tunes are off the hizook!

Writers & Performers – Tom Parry, Matthew Crosby, Ben Clark
Script Editor– Andrew Collins
Director – Ben Kellett (Series 1), Gordon Anderson (Series 2)
Producer – Izzy Mant
Executive Producers – Gavin Smith, Rab Christie

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Barely Legal

1 x 30 for BBC Three – Broadcast 2008

Sketch comedy written by teens and performed by teens for a young audience.


Performers – David Hayler, Dominique Moore, Ekow Quartey, Ellie Bird, Joe Da Costa, Sophie McCabe.
Director – William Andrews
Producer – Gavin Smith



1 x 30 for Channel 4 – Broadcast October 2007 as part of the Comedy Lab season.


A sketch show stuffed with upbeat off-beatness featuring the funniest fresh faces around. One-off sketches complimented by character creations including the heroic Dr Frank, Gary: Tank Commander and the strangely effective Spanish Man With A Cup. Fast and feel good with everything from pointy fingers in the boardroom to Green Goblins in the bedroom.


Performers – William Andrews, Greg McHugh, Leah MacRae, Susan Calman, Michael Manley.
Lead Writers – William Andrews, Greg McHugh, Chris Grady
Director – Ian Curtis
Producer – Rab Christie


3 Series 18 x 30 for BBC One / Two Scotland – Broadcast 2010 – 2012
1 x 40 Special – Broadcast 2015


Come to sunny Burnistoun: the fictional Scottish location that’s eerily familiar.

Within the town boundaries is a collection of weird and wonderful inhabitants who appear as recurring characters, one-off sketches and media spoofs. There’s the disgruntled serial killer The Burnistoun Butcher, girlband wannabe Kelly McGlade and Paul and Walter the snippy siblings who share high drama inside their ice-cream van. With its own newspaper, radio station, furniture shop, gym, pub and all-you-can-eat buffet, Burnistoun’s definitely worth a visit.


Writers & Performers – Robert Florence and Iain Connell
Supporting cast – Kirsty Strain, Allan Miller, Richard Rankin, Louise Stewart (Series 1) and Gerry McLaughlin (Series 2)
Director & Producer – Iain Davidson
Executive Producer – Rab Christie

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Caledonian Macbrains

2 Series – 18 x 30 for BBC One Scotland – Broadcast 2001 & 2002


Comedy panel show taking the rise out of all aspects of Scottish popular culture, past and present.


Hosts – Rob Maclean (series 1) and Dominik Diamond (series 2)
Team captains – Fred MacAulay and Karen Dunbar
Guests – Included Miles Jupp, Graeme Garden, Hamish Clark, Sylvester McCoy, Tommy Sheridan, Arnold Brown, Gerard Kelly, Andy Gray.
Writers – Included Niall Clark, Iain Davidson, Frankie Boyle, Rikki Brown.
Director – John Frame
Producer – Caroline Roberts

Chewin’ The Fat

4 series – 24 x 30 for BBC One Scotland / Series 3 & 4 for BBC Two – Broadcast 1998 – 2001
6 x Specials – 6 x 30 for BBC One Scotland – Broadcast Hogmanay – 1998 – 2004


Catchphrases like ‘Gonnae no dae that’ and ‘I love boaby’ spread through pubs and playgrounds, and even turned up in the Scottish Parliament. Memorable phrases coupled with strong characters like hapless actor Ronald Villiers and frustrated school teacher Miss Gourlay, made this sketch series one of the most popular shows ever in Scotland.


Cast – Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill, Karen Dunbar
Director – Colin Gilbert, Brian Horsburgh, Michael Hines.
Producer – Colin Gilbert

Comedy Gold (Comadaidh Oir)

2 Series & 2 compilations – 14 x 30 for BBC Two Scotland – Broadcast November 2005/2006
Plus podcasts.


Comedy Gold (Comadaidh Oir) followed six aspiring Gaelic comedy writers. Part talent contest, part reality television, the Comedy Gold bus toured 6 destinations putting on live shows in each. The challenge? Writers had just three days in each location to write brand new sketches to be performed by professional actors in front of a live audience.


Presenters – Cathy MacDonald, Morag MacDonald
Cast – Alec MacDonald, Carina MacLeod, Kenny MacRae and Ruiaridh MacIver.
Director – Martin Burt
Producers – Ron Bain, Alasdair MacKinnon
Executive Producers – Jacqueline Sinclair, Allan MacDonald (MnE Television)

Comedy Resolutions

1 x 60 for BBC Two Scotland – Broadcast Hogmanay 2008


A romp through the nation’s funniest New Year resolutions with a collection of Scottish comedy sketches. Unveiling the hilarious side to every daft promise we make and break, featuring all time classics from Rikki Fulton, Gregor Fisher, Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill, Elaine C Smith, Karen Dunbar, Robbie Coltrane and Jonathan Watson.


Producer – Rab Christie & Gavin Smith

Dr Finlay’s Quizbook

One off Special for BBC Scotland’s 75th Anniversary – 1998


Contestants from the world of Scottish showbiz such as Gerard Kelly and Moira Anderson were tested on their knowledge of BBC Scotland programmes.


Host – Dougie Donnelly
Director – Ron Bain
Producer – Philip Differ


6 x 30 for BBC Two – Broadcast February/ March 2008


Sitcom featuring Jacky (Gregor Fisher) and Tony (Billy Boyd) as two ordinary guys working for a property maintenance company, clearing out empty or damaged flats and making repairs.


Jacky is a gifted and intelligent man but always chooses the path of least resistance – while Tony’s intellect is given the chance to breathe when he’s with Jacky. So work for both of them is an escape as each flat generates wild flights of fancy and comic imaginings sparked by items they find or problems they encounter.


Writers – Robert Florence and Iain Connell
Cast – Gregor Fisher and Billy Boyd
Director – Colin Gilbert
Producer – Iain Davidson
Executive Producer – Rab Christie

Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights

6 x 30 for Channel 4 – Broadcast November/ December 2010


The UK’s most fearless and uncompromising comic is at the top of his game as he satirises everything we love and loathe about British culture, delivering comedy that’s not for the faint-hearted. Brass neck and laughs in abundance as he blends acerbic stand up with hilarious sketches crafted in the darkest recesses of the human psyche.


Writer & performer – Frankie Boyle
Supporting cast – Robert Florence, Jim Muir, Tom Stade, Thaila Zucci
Director – Nick Wood, Tony Gregory, Dominic Brigstocke (pilot)
Producer – Tom Thostrup, Derek McLean (pilot)

Freshly Squeezed

1 x 30 for Channel 4 – Broadcast 2005


Quickfire sketches from the extremes of teen life with a top young cast who investigate such issues as: When are you ready to fall in love? What’s the best way to get into a nightclub underage? How much fake tan is too much fake tan?


Cast – Eleanor Bird, Puja Panchkoty, Sophie McCabe, Adam Clifford, Paul Boyd, Charles Mnene
Director – Martin Burt
Producer – Gavin Smith

Gary:Tank Commander

3 Series 18 x 30 for BBC One Scotland / BBC Three (Series 3) – Broadcast 2009 – 2012


Following the BAFTA award winning mockumentary, Gary’s War, Greg McHugh’s sitcom expands the world to include Gary and his tank crew – Jacko: the brawn, Charlie: the brains, and Adam: the libido.


Corporal Gary McLintoch is back from the front line and stationed at the barracks in his home city of Edinburgh, where his best friend Julie and his dad still live. Reporting to the fiery Sergeant Thomson who in turn reports to forgetful Captain Fanshaw, Gary immediately finds army life back home is a very different kind of challenge.


Scotland has a new comic hero. But better, liiiike.


Writer & Performer – Greg McHugh
Supporting Cast – Stuart Bowman, Paul-James Corrigan (Series 1 & 2), Callum Cuthbertson, Scott Fletcher, Robert Jack, Miles Jupp, Leah MacRae and James Rottger (Series 3).
Script Editor (Series 1 & 2) & Co-Writer (Series 3) – Chris Grady
Script Editor (Series 3) Niall Clark
Director – Iain Davidson
Producer – Rab Christie
Executive Producer (Series 1 & 2) – Colin Gilbert

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Gary’s War


1 x 60 – More 4 Special – Broadcast May 2008 See the BBC page here


Sgt Gary McLintoch is back from his tour of duty in Iraq and in this spoof documentary he talks us through life on the front line: the fights for hearts and minds, and why Iraqis love to hit statues with flip flops. A clever and satirical take on life on the front line, Gary’s War features in-depth interviews intercut with genuine news footage including soundbites from Blair, Bush and Brown.


The programme was born out of the Channel 4’s Funny Cuts season, where Gary: Tank Commander was the lead film. It also gained director William Andrews a BAFTA Scotland ‘best director’ nomination in 2006.


Writer and performer – Greg McHugh
Director – Iain Davidson
Producer – Rab Christie

Gerard Kelly: A Celebration

1 x 60 for BBC One Scotland – Broadcast Hogmanay 2010. 

A special tribute to Gerard Kelly: featuring laughs from Scotch and Wry and the iconic Rangers signing a Catholic sketch of 1979 with Rikki Fulton, through the shenanigans of Willie Melvin in City Lights to Extras, Victoria Wood and many other TV roles. With contributions from friends and colleagues including Billy Connolly, Robert Carlyle, Tony Roper, John Sessions, Claire Sweeney, Stephen Merchant and Les Dennis.

– Ron Bain

Executive Producer – Colin Gilbert

Head to Head with Britney Spears

1 x 60 for Channel 4 – Broadcast 2001


A disembodied CGI ‘Head’ investigated all things related to babes using archive and interview – focussing particularly on pop starlet Britney Spears.


Writers – Rab Christie, Iain Davidson
Producer – Caroline Roberts (Co production with Digital Animation)

I, Macca

1 x 30 for BBC Scotland – Broadcast 1998


A week in the life of football legend Frank McAvennie as seen through the eyes of Jonathan Watson.


Lead Writers – Philip Differ, Rikki Brown, Rab Christie
Performer – Jonathan Watson
Director and Producer – Philip Differ

I.M. Jolly’s Last Call

1 x 30 for BBC One Scotland – Broadcast December 1999


Farewell performance on the verge of the Millennium of Rikki Fulton’s legendary character, the permanently depressed clergyman the Reverend I.M. Jolly.


Performer – Rikki Fulton
Writers – Rikki Fulton, Philip Differ
Director – Ron Bain
Producer – Philip Differ


1 x 30 for BBC One Scotland – Broadcast 2005


Studio sitcom set in a small High Street charity shop featuring Ella, the bossy and opinionated senior partner and her poor put-upon colleague, Susan.


Writer – Donald McLeary
Cast – Karen Dunbar, Julie Wilson Nimmo
Director – Paul Holmes
Producer – Iain Davidson


ROSE D’OR NOMINATION 2007 (pilot episode)


6 x 30 for BBC One Scotland – Broadcast September/ October 2007


Sitcom where Jordan Young stars as lovable rogue Danny while Stephen McNicholl plays family man Fox. They’re best friends. They work together selling dodgy pirate software at markets. They play together. And thanks to a caravan in Danny’s mother’s garden, they live in each other’s pockets. But they do not share a sense of responsibility.


Writers – Robert Florence and Iain Connell
Performers – Jordan Young, Stephen McNicholl, Claire Grogan
Director and Producer – Iain Davidson
Executive Producer – Rab Christie

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Limmy’s Show



3 Series 18 x 30 for BBC Two Scotland –  Broadcast 2010 – 2012
1 x 30 Christmas Special for BBC Two Scotland –  Broadcast December 2013


A comedy sketch show inspired by the videos, virals and playthings from Limmy’s phenomenal website – combining character pieces, arresting inserts, diverting visuals, casual violence, cutting observations, animation and sketches from one of Scotland’s most original comedy minds, Brian Limond.


Writer, Performer, Director, Animator – Brian Limond
Supporting cast – Ryan Fletcher, Paul McCole, Alan McHugh, Kirstin McLean,  Tom Brogan, Raymond Mearns, Debbie Welsh.
Producer – Rab Christie (Series 1), Jacqueline Sinclair (Series 2 & 3)



100+ programmes – for BBC One Scotland & BBC Choice – Broadcast 1998 – 2007


Long running studio entertainment series with Tam Cowan’s unique take on the week’s sporting and not so sporting headlines with top guests from the worlds of sport and showbiz: And Jonathan Watson assuming the guise of the headline-makers in his regular satirical spot.


Presenter – Tam Cowan
Performer – Jonathan Watson
Director – Ron Bain
Producers – Tony Followell, Stephen Hollywood, Jon Murphy, Ron Bain


1 x 14 Short Film in association with Scottish Screen National Lottery Fund and Pandemonium Films ltd – Produced 2003


Black comedy about an estate agent who’s intolerant and volatile fantasies slip over the edge into pure psychosis when he decides to mix work with pleasure.


Writer – Jonathan Goodfellow
Principle cast – Stephen Moyer, Ford Kiernan, Roy Sampson, Mark Cox, Yvonne Simpson, Nicola Burnett Smith
Director – Anya Camilleri
Producer – April Chamberlain

Rab C Nesbitt



1 x 45 Festive Special for BBC Two – Broadcast January 2014
John Sergeant Meets Rab C Nesbitt – 1 x 45 for BBC Two – Broadcast November 2011
Series 10 – 6 x 30 for BBC Two – Broadcast October / November 2011
Series 9 – 6 x 30 for BBC Two – Broadcast January/ February 2010
Christmas Special – 1 x 30 for BBC Two – Broadcast December 2008
Series 1 – 8 – 48 x 30 for BBC Two – Broadcast 1990 – 1999


The Govan philosopher, Rab C Nesbitt, is one of Britain’s best loved comedy creations and he’s still got a full compliment of demons to wrestle with and plenty to get off his string vested chest.


And what does the C stand for? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


Writer – Ian Pattison
Cast (Series 10) – Gregor Fisher (Rab C Nesbitt), Elaine C Smith (Mary Doll Nesbitt), Tony Roper (Jamesie Cotter), Barbara Rafferty (Ella Cotter), Iain Robertson (Gash) and Cora Bisset (Camille).
Director/ Producer – Colin Gilbert
Executive Producer – Rab Christie

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Rikki Fulton – The Time Of His Life

1 x 30 for BBC One Scotland 1999


Biographical documentary of the veteran comedian to celebrate his 75th birthday.


Writers include – Rikki Fulton, Philip Differ.
Director – Ron Bain
Producer – Philip Differ

Scot Squad

3 Series 17 x 30 for BBC One Scotland- Broadcast 2014 – 2016
1 x 15 Festive Special for BBC Iplayer – Broadcast December 2015


Brand new comedy following the first Unified Scottish Police Force. Scotland has a new band of Bravehearts on the streets, in the countryside, on the phone and behind a desk. Featuring in-depth interview footage with the Force’s first ever Chief Constable Cameron Miekelson as he shares his philosophy on law enforcement and his hopes and dreams for the future.


Elsewhere, follow Volunteer Officer Ken Beattie as he buys soup for the homeless and reassures a victim of washing line theft. Patrol the beat with city cops Fletcher and McLaren as they break-up a domestic dispute. Discover just how frequently certain members of the public share what they consider to be key information with their local police station desk sergeant. And get behind the wheel with traffic cops Urquhart and Singh as they investigate an instance of bad car-parking and insist that not all of Scotland’s road problems are the fault of drunk pensioners.


Tough, brave, valiant and fearless, protecting and serving the public, on call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 366 days of the year (this being a leapyear) the Scot Squad serve-up an arresting mix of crime and comedy.

Starring – Jack Docherty with James Kirk, Jordan Young, Sally Reid, Chris Forbes, Ashley Smith, Karen Bartke, Manjot Sumal, Grant O’Rourke, ML Stone, Darren Connell and Gayle Telfer Stevens.
Producer / Director – Iain Davidson
Story Producers  – Joe Hullait & Chris Grady
Executive Producers – Gavin Smith (Pilot), Rab Christie (Series 1-3)

Scotland In A Day

Broadcast on Channel 4 – September 2014


As Scotland votes to decide its future, this comedy mockumentary special puts the spotlight on a nation poised on the brink of triumph and disaster. Created, written by and starring Jack Docherty, Scotland in a Day focuses on all life North of the Border. Featuring a range of comic characters captured “self-shot” style as they document Scotland’s Day of Destiny. Featuring passionate Yes voters, Out and out Unionists and those who can’t help flip flopping on which way to cast their vote.


All Scottish life is here, pensioners, toddlers, deep-thinkers, nutters, landowners, entrepreneurs and party animals. From the passionately political to characters doing their best to avoid the issues. Plus, away from the vote, on one day in September Scots still get married, have babies, party, celebrate, mark the passing of their loved ones and go about their daily lives. While the eyes of the world are on Caledonia, Scotland’s Day features contributions from a range of comedic voices and discovers there’s more to Scotland than just yes or no.


Created, written by and Starring Jack Docherty
Executive Producers: Rab Christie and Gavin Smith
Producer: Fiona White
Director: Iain Davidson

Scrap It!

13 x 15 for Discovery Kids – First broadcast in 2005 plus numerous repeats.


Will Andrews and his Nan use everyday junk to create toys and games that create mess, mayhem and destruction in viewers’ homes. Silly fun as Will and Nan drop cows from spaceships, demolish cereal box walls with motorised tanks and show viewers how to recreate the ideas with scrap found around the home.


Performers – William Andrews
Producer – Jonathan Sanderson
Executive Producer – Gavin Smith


6 x 30 for BBC One Scotland – Broadcast 2002


Sitcom starring Gregor Fisher as the unconventional workshy detective who was more likely to be found pounding the beat on the golf course than maintaining law and order in Glasgow.


Writer – Johnny Crawford
Starring – Gregor Fisher, Gavin Mitchell, Dawn Steel
Director – Ron Bain
Producer – Colin Gilbert


6 x 30 for Channel 4 – Broadcast 2005

The Audio Musical Institute investigate one musical genre per programme, using comedic experiments and archive in an attempt to prove: Sulks Make the Best Singers, Geeks Make the Best Riffs, Bad Boys Make the Best Boy Bands, Girls Make the Best Bass Players, Rebels Make the Best Rappers and Hotties Make the Best R&B.

Performers – William Andrews, Marj Hogarth, Leah MacRae, Donald McLeary, Jacqueline Sinclair, Gavin Smith.
Director – Martin Burt
Producer – Rab Christie

Still Game



6 series – 36 x 30 for BBC One Scotland and BBC Two – Broadcast 2002 – 2007
3 specials – 3 x 30 for BBC One Scotland and BBC Two – Broadcast 2005, 2006, 2007


Hugely popular sitcom about sex, violence and scones.

Loveable old codgers Jack and Victor run riot in the Craiglang estate with their pals, including local gossip Isa, straight talking shop owner Navid, miserly Tam – and Winston, with his anger management issues. Ready for adventure and always game for a laugh, the pair of Glasgow pensioners prove that growing old is about more than just a free bus pass.


Writers – Ford Kiernan & Greg Hemphill
Cast – Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill, Paul Riley, Mark Cox, Jane McCarry, Sanjeev Kohli, Gavin Mitchell
Director & Producer – Michael Hines
Executive Producer – Colin Gilbert

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Street Hypnosis

15 x 30 for Bravo – Broadcast 2004


Wicked mindbender Peter Powers took his unique brand of mesmerising mayhem to the streets of the UK where willing volunteers took part in comedy stunts: one bloke became the world’s most famous stand up comedian, another sat his driving test and there was the checkout girl who hated her customers.


Talent – Peter Powers
Director / Producer – Mike Taylor
Executive Producer – Jacqueline Sinclair

Sweet Charity

1 x 30 for ITV – Broadcast 2001


Thelma Barlow and Anne Reid run a high street charity shop called Sweet Charity.


Writer – Donald McLeary
Director – Michael Hines
Producer – Colin Gilbert

Taxi For Cowan



6 x 30 for BBC One Scotland – Broadcast 2001
1 x 50 ‘Spanish Ayes’ Special for BBC One Scotland – Broadcast 2003


Comedy travelogue series following Tam as he visited various towns in Scotland (and a one off special from the Costa Blanca in Spain). In each destination Tam was shown the sites and introduced to colourful characters by a local taxi driver. Armed with information, Tam gave us his unique insight on each place – and tried a new activity at every destination.


Presenter – Tam Cowan
Director – Stuart Greig
Producer – Rab Christie

The Baldy Man

13 x 30 for ITV – Broadcast 1995 & 1997


A dialogue-free feast of visual narratives with two distinct stories in each half hour episode. This series has been one of the most successful international comedy series ever, broadcasting in many countries around the world.


Writers – Niall Clark, Laurie Rowley, Jack Doherty, Moray Hunter, Donald McLeary
Cast – Gregor Fisher
Producer and Director – Colin Gilbert /Co-production with Working Title

The Goalden Years

2 series for BBC One Scotland – Broadcast 1998


Nostalgia series focussing on one glorious year in footballing history per programme. The main stories from the beautiful game provide the spine with fashions, popular news and entertainment of the time juxtaposed: all with a fantastic soundtrack.


Presenter – Jonathan Watson
Lead Writers – Niall Clark, Philip Differ
Director & Producer – Philip Differ

The Incredible Will & Greg

1 x 30 for Channel 4– Broadcast 2008


A concentrated burst of sketch comedy including the purposeful Pointy Man who shows how to attract the object of your desires using only the power of the point; The Heroic Dr Frank who cures a woman that hasn’t spoken for three years while staging a three act play about a hippy with a lisp; The lovable Tony Carter who has the driving lesson from hell; And the imfamous Spanish Man with a Cup who gets involved in a hostage negotiation.


Writers – Chris Grady, William Andrews, Greg McHugh, Ed Campbell.
Cast – William Andrews, Greg McHugh, Isy Suttie, Athony Strachan, Jade Lezar, Puja Panchkoty, Jim Muir.
Director – Nick Wood
Producer – Rab Christie

The Karen Dunbar Show


4 Series – 24 x 30 for BBC One Scotland – Broadcast 2002 – 2005


Sketches aplenty from grotesque grannies to depressed dames with Karen Dunbar morphing into a multitude of characters. Characters include Angela and Ricky Silveri and their somewhat unique take on the latest chart hits, and the chip shop worker who gives her customers more to look at than a jar of pickled eggs.


Cast – Karen Dunbar, Tom Urie, Gabriel Quigley, James Young
Director – Ron Bain (Series 1 & 2), Iain Davidson (Series 3 & 4)
Producer – Iain Davidson
Executive Producer – Rab Christie

The Naughty, Naughty Hypno Show

5 x 60 for Five – Broadcast 2000


Mischievous mind-bender Peter Powers, took his unique brand of humour onto Channel 5 in this hilarious adult only studio show with hypnotic VT inserts.


Performer – Peter Powers
Director – Tim Franklin
Producer – Michael Hines

The Story of Slapstick

1 x 60 for BBC Two – Broadcast Christmas 2009


Miranda Hart takes viewers through the history of visual comedy from the silent films of Chaplin and Keaton, to the violence of Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson plus of course, Mr Bean and Vic and Bob with expert contributions from Vic Reeves, Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden, Ben Miller, Sally Phillips, Reece Shearsmith, Matthew Horne and Neil Innes.


Host – Miranda Hart
Producer and Director – Breid McCloone
Executive Producer – Gavin Smith

Yo! Diary

26 x 30 for Children’s BBC – Broadcast 2002 and 2003


A wildly comic and offbeat look at the lives of 6 very different teenagers – adapted for television from Jonathan Meres’ hugely successful books. Using a mixture of video diaries, music and drama to stunning effect, Yo! Diary has been one of the most original and innovative comedy-dramas for children in recent years.


Writer – Johnny Meres
Director – Martin Burt
Producer – Ron Bain

Yes? Yes?

1 x 10 for Channel 4 – Broadcast 1997


Alistair McGowan and Jonathan Watson mimicking the powers that be in this one off special during the week of the Scottish Devolution Referendum.

Talent – Alistair McGowan, Jonathan Watson


Writer – Philip Differ
Director & Producer – Colin Gilbert



1 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast May 2009


An adaptation of the award winning blog and book of the same name featuring vivid stories and observations of life on the night busses. It follows one driver’s experiences in dealing with “drunkies, junkies, muppets and neds” as his enthusiasm to become ‘wonder driver’ are quickly dampened by the cold reality of his work.


Writer – The Driver
Performers – Gavin Mitchell, Jordan Young, Maureen Carr, Julie Austin.
Producer – Gus Beattie

Coming Home

2 series – 10 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland Broadcast 2003 and 2004


Hamish Clark played a spin-doctor sent up from London to keep the First Minister of a ‘fictitious’ Scottish Parliament in line. But he found it wasn’t just a spin doctor that was needed – it was an entire mobile paramedic’s team.


Writer – Iain Campbell
Starring – Hamish Clark
Producer – Niall Clark

Cowan Meets The Crooners

4 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2005


Self confessed croon-aholic Tam Cowan left the karaoke machine at home and went on a crooner odyssey to interview four of his favourite singers: Sydney Devine, Jack “The Love Boat” Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck and Neil Sedaka.


Presenter – Tam Cowan
Producer – Gus Beattie

Cowan’s Crooners

4 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2003


Easy listening classics and anecdotes (and the odd song) from self confessed croon-aholic, Tam Cowan.


Presenter – Tam Cowan
Producer – Gus Beattie

Fags Mags and Bags



6 Series 36 x 30 for BBC Radio 4 – Broadcast 2007 – 2016

See the BBC page here


Join the staff of Fags, Mags and Bags in a cornershop sitcom about their tireless quest to bring nice-price custard creams and cans of coke with Arabic writing on them to an ungrateful nation.


Writers – Sanjeev Kohli & Donald Mcleary
Performers – Sanjeev Kohli (Ramesh), Donald McLeary (Dave), Omar Raza (Sanjay), Susheel Kumar (Alok), and Gerard Kelly (Father Henderson), who will be greatly missed.
Script Editor – Niall Clark
Producer – Gus Beattie

Flipside Of Faith

3 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2006


Philip Differ taking a light-hearted look at growing up with a faith in Scotland, with contributions from Tommy Sheridan, Cameron Stout, Sanjeev Kohli and Karen Dunbar.


Presenter – Philip Differ
Producer – Gus Beattie

Freddie Flintoff Ate My Ashes

1 x 50 for BBC Radio Five Live – Broadcast Christmas Day 2005


The comedy sporting – and not so sporting review of 2005 with impressions and satirical comment.


Lead Writers – Rab Christie, Ross Craig, Gus Beattie, The Reynolds Brothers, Philip Differ.
Cast – Kevin Connelly, Kayvan Novak, Gabriel Quigley
Producer – Gus Beattie

Gilbert on Gilbert

1 x 60 BBC Radio Scotland


Between them Jimmy and his son Colin Gilbert have delivered some of our best loved and most durable comedy shows spanning over five decades.  From The Two Ronnies to Rab C NesbittLast of the Summer Wine to Naked Video, they have left an indelible mark on the Scottish and British comedy scene.  Both have served as Head of Comedy at the BBC in London and Glasgow respectively and had similar careers at very different times in the British comedy scene. Now on the back of an incredible 10th series of Rab C Nesbitt and his retirement from The Comedy UnitColin Gilbert and his father Jimmy talk for the first time about their fascinating comedy careers that have their roots firmly in Scotland.
Producer – Gus Beattie

Having It All

6 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2007


A single mother juggles her job and family as she attempts to have it all.


Writer – Jackie Bird
Producer – Rab Christie


1 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast May 2009


Comedy sketch show hosted by Bruce Devlin and recorded in front of a live audience. The cast performed a range of immaculately new sketches penned by brand new comedy writers. Plus pre-recorded inserts from budding writer-performers.

Cast – Leah MacRae, Greg McHugh, Jordan Young, Sally Reid.
Script Editor – Chris Grady
Director – Iain Davidson
Producer – Jacqueline Sinclair

Jonathan Watson’s Big Society

4 x 15 – Broadcast BBC Radio Scotland – February/ March 2011


Jonathan Watson returns to BBC Scotland with a brand new sketch series that sets out to tackle the big questions and issues troubling Scottish society in 2011, be they politics, media, sport or entertainment.


Performer – Jonathan Watson
Producer – Philip Differ

Karen’s Beautiful Sunday

6 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2000


One of Karen’s earliest forays onto the airwaves featuring music, chat and comedy.


Producer – Rab Christie

Karen’s Summer Supplement

20 x 90 for BBC Radio Scotland – July 2005


Live mid-morning show with features, special guests and regular contributors Susan Calman, Teddy, Bruce Devlin, Kevin Bridges, Sandy Nelson and Tom Urie.


Presenter – Karen Dunbar
Producers – Gus Beattie, Jacqueline Sinclair, Richard Melvin

Keep Taking The Nandrolone

1 x 50 for BBC Radio Five Live – Christmas Day 2004


Sporting, and not so sporting, review of 2004 with impressions and satirical comment.


Cast – Alistair McGowan, Jonathan Watson, Gabriel Quigley
Director – Philip Differ
Producer – Gus Beattie

Laverlock Findo Speaks

4 x 15 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast March 2011


Sitcom about Marjory Anne Smith who is faced with two options; fling herself into the Thames or go back to live with her mother in Laverlock Findo, the small Scottish village she fled when she was 17.


Writer – A.L. Kennedy
Producer – Gus Beattie

Leech Hill

1 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2001


A black comedy set in a run down Edinburgh hospital at the time of Burke and Hare.


Writers – Peter Thornhill, Matt Hurst
Cast – Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill
Producer – Niall Clark

Legend of The Holyrood Vampires

4 x 30 for BBC Radio 4 – Broadcast 2013


Broadcast in the week of Halloween 2013 on BBC Radio Scotland, Legend of the Holyrood Vampires is a Victorian vampire yarn set in Edinburgh in 1844 written by award winning author and stand-up AL Kennedy with a top cast including Greg McHugh (Gary Tank Commander, Fresh Meat), Ford Kiernan (Still Game), Karen Dunbar (Chewin’ The Fat) & Cariad Lloyd (Edinburgh Award nominee).


The show picked up a longlist nomination for Best Use of Sound at the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2015.

Producer – Gus Beattie

Lewis MacLeod’s Wired News

4 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast January 2016

1 x 30 pilot 2013
1 x 30 Commonwealth Games Special – 2014

Wired News is a topical news satire in which top voice actor Lewis Macleod plays a heightened version of himself as he hosts a mock drivetime news show.


Lewis and co-host Anita Corduroy pull no punches in their efforts to seek the truth (or the latest unsubstantiated gossip on Twitter, whatever comes first).


Performers – Lewis Macleod, Gabriel Quigley, Gerry MacLaughlin and Scarlett Mack
Producer – Gus Beattie

Meanwhile, it’s Will and Greg

3 x 30 for BBC Radio 4 – Broadcast 2012


William Andrews and Greg McHugh explore the surreal and the absurd through characters and everyday situations in their first sketch show for BBC Radio 4.


Stars: William Andrews and Greg McHugh with Gavin Mitchell and Kirsten Mclean.
Script Editor:   Chris Grady
Director:   Iain Davidson
Producer:  Gus Beattie
Original music:   Alex Attwood

Mistress MacKenzie and Friends

1 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast December 2014


Teacher themed character comedy from Keara Murphy.


Writer and Performer– Keara Murphy
Producer – Gus Beattie

Modrin MacDonald

3 Series 12 x 15 for BBC Radio 4 – Broadcast 2009 – 2012

See the BBC page here


Sitcom featuring Mordrin, who is a 2000 year old wizard living in the modern world where regular bin collections and watching Countdown are just as important as slaying dragons.

Writers – David Kay and Gavin Smith
Cast – David Kay, Gordon Kennedy, Jack Docherty, Cora Bisset, Calum Cuthbertson
Script Editor – Niall Clark
Producer – Gus Beattie

News Additional

1 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast the day after the General Election 2010.


Satirical slant on the General Election campaign.


Cast – Jonathan Watson, Katrina Bryan.
Producers – Gus Beattie and Rab Christie


1 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2009


Topical satire based on the popular website The Daily Mash.


Writers – Paul Stokes and Neil Rafferty
Cast – Lewis MacLeod, Katrina Bryan, Stephen McNicholl, Marj Hogarth
Producer – Gus Beattie

Planet Mearns

1 x 30 for BBC Scotland – Broadcast 2014
1 x 30 Christmas Special for BBC Scotland – Broadcast 2014


Welcome citizens, to Planet Mearns. Through stand-up and sketches the playfully accurate observational comic Raymond Mearns holds a mirror up to the world and guides the audience through his hilarious perception of the world we live in. In his first solo BBC radio comedy pilot, Raymond sets out to tackle modern day relationships.

Performer – Raymond Mearns, Debbie Welsh, Allen Chalmers
Producer – Gus Beattie

Radio Roots

3 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2006


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first ever Naked Radio, Gerard Kelly took us through the influence radio played in sprouting successful TV comedies Rab C NesbittOnly An Excuse? and Chewin’ The Fat.


Presenter – Gerard Kelly
Producer – Gus Beattie

Ronan The Amphibian

6 x 15 for BBC Radio Four – Broadcast 2003


Critically acclaimed cult sitcom about a trainee financial advisor from Bridlington who is turned into an amphibious creature by undersea aliens and taken on a comic quest below the abyss.


Writer – Niall Clark
Cast – Alex Lowe
Producer – Maria Esposito


4 Series 16 x 30 plus specials for BBC Radio 4 – Broadcast 2012 – 2015

See the BBC page here 


The Comedy Unit’s award winning Radio 4 sketch group showcaseSketchorama continues to be a home for up and coming UK sketch groups.  Broadcast on the station’s flagship 6.30pm comedy slot, Sketchorama picked up a BBC Audio Drama Award in 2014 for best live comedy for their Absolutely Special and also gained a nomination in the same category in 2015. Recorded in front of a live studio audience in both London and Glasgow the show has very quickly become part of the British comedy landscape.


Producer – Gus Beattie

So On & So Forth

4 x 30 for BBC Radio 4 – Broadcast 2015


One of the rising stars of the sketch comedy circuit, So On & So Forth bring their very British style of witty sketch comedy to BBC Radio 4.

The three-man troupe will explore the impracticality of building a house out of ginger bread, the subtle but terrible torture of the British civil service, and they prove that no matter where you are and what you are up to there is simply nothing worse than losing your house keys.


Writers and Performers – Martin Allanson, Nick Gadd, John Sheerman
Producer – Gus Beattie

Speak Up

1 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast January 2011


Feature documentary where voice actor and mimic Lewis McLeod (voice of Sebulba from Star Wars, Postman Pat and countless adverts) tries to overcome his fear of public speaking by talking to accomplished public speakers.


Host – Lewis McLeod
Producer – Gus Beattie

Spin On This

6 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2003


Comedy panel show where guests put a positive spin on an indefensible statement to win the audience vote.


Presenter – Jane Franchi
Team captains – Miles Jupp and Frankie Boyle
Producer – Iain Davison (Jacqueline Sinclair Ep 6)

Thank God For Comedy

3 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2006


Miles Jupp raided the archives and spoke to expert contributors to analyse the comedic depictions of religion in our sitcoms and sketch shows throughout the decades.


Presenter – Miles Jupp
Producer – Jacqueline Sinclair

The Absolutely Radio Show

4 x 30 for BBC Radio 4 – Broadcast 2015


Members of the cast of Channel 4’s hugely popular sketch show Absolutely reunite for a brand new radio series.


Returning characters include Stoneybridge Town Council; Welsh DIY lovers Denzil & Gwynedd; The Little Girl; the scatological Frank Hovis; and Calum Gilhooley, the most boring man in the world.


In 2013, the group re-formed for a special for Radio 4’s Sketchorama. The episode won a BBC Audio Drama Award in the Best Live Scripted Comedy category.

A Co – Production with Absolutely productions.


Writers and Performers – Pete Baikie, Morwenna Banks, Moray Hunter, Gordon Kennedy and John Sparkes
Producers – Gus Beattie and Gordon Kennedy

The Comedy Playhouse

5 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2006


Five brand new scripts from writers new to radio: The Explainers written by Colin Ramone and Colin Simpson, Havin’ it All written by Jackie Bird, Sparkle written by Belinda Rankine, Burnistoun written and performed by Robert Florence and Iain Connell and One in Three written by Carole Mathews.


Producer for The Explainers – Gus Beattie
Producer for all others – Niall Clark

The Exterminating Angels

4 x 30 for BBC Radio 4 – Broadcast 2007


“Show us your pests – we’ll do the rest”.

This sitcom centred round a North London family-owned pest control business where the pests answered back. Verbally abusive pigeons, stroppy squirrels – it was a surreal but deadpan world where animals had issues like the rest of us.


Writers – Martin Shea, Eamonn O’Neill and James O’Neill
Cast – Karl Theobald (Tony Angel) and Dan Antopolski (Steve Angel)

Director & Producer – Rab Christie

The Ordeal Of Alfred M Hale

1 x 45 for BBC Radio Four – Broadcast 2003


Afternoon play for Radio Four about the richly aggrieved wartime memoir of Alfred M Hale, a delicate man of independent means who was, to his horror, conscripted at the age of 41 towards the end of the first world war. Narrated in ‘Pooteresque’ style, Hale’s sometimes funny, sometimes poignant story is an insight into the effects of war on a man pulled out of his social milieu.


Writer – adapted by Andrew Dallmeyer from Alfred M Hale’s book.
Cast – Duncan Preston
Producer – Colin Gilbert

The Summer Supplement

20 x 90 for BBC Radio Scotland – July 2006


Live mid-morning entertainment show with features, special guests and regular contributors Susan Calman, Teddy, Bruce Devlin and Tom Urie.


Presenters – Gerard Kelly and Lewis McLeod
Producers – Gus Beattie, Jacqueline Sinclair, Katie Robertson

The Very Last Naked Radio Show

2 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2001


The core writing and performing team together for one last time in their final hilarious outing – recorded live from the Citizen’s Theatre, Glasgow.


Writers – Included Bob Black, Ian Pattison, Philip Differ, Niall Clark, Ian Campbell, Alan Hay.
Cast – Included Gregor Fisher, Elaine C Smith, Jonathan Watson, Andy Gray, Tony Roper.
Directors and Producers – Colin Gilbert, Niall Clark.


1 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2010


A story of love and career found on a bus journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh.


Writer – Rab Christie
Cast – Mark Cox, Finn Den Hertog, Anna Donaldson, Stephen McNicholl, Martin Docherty
Script Editor – Chris Grady
Producer – Gus Beattie

Victoria Van Helsing & The Curse of Crossmyloof

2 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2015


Victoria Van Helsing and the Curse of Crossmyloof is the follow up to the award nominated Legend of the Holyrood Vampires.


It’s 1845 and Victoria Van Helsing and her merry band of ghoul hunters have rid Edinburgh of the dreadful Grafin Von Schwartzbergen and her army of bloodsucking Vampires. All is well.

That is until the fine city of Glasgow is enveloped by a truly evil darkness during the hosting of the ‘Nippy Veruca Games’. (And this time it’s not the reek from the locals.) Victoria, Hughie, Bella and Madame Mclaverty and brought together once more to help the people of Glasgow and tackle the dreaded Curse of Crossmyloof!


Performers – Cariad Lloyd, Greg McHugh, Ford Kiernan, Gavin Mitchell, Gabriel Quigley, Grant O’Rourke, Marjory Hogarthand Michelle Gallagher
Writer – A.L. Kennedy

Producer – Gus Beattie


6 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2008


The voxpoppers descend each week on a community where the residents describe a local event in their own words.


Writers – Colin Ramone and Colin Simpson
Producer – Gus Beattie

Watson’s Wind Up

14 series – 182 x 30 for BBC Radio Scotland – Broadcast 2000 – 2010


Topical comedy impressions from Jonathan Watson and his team, putting a satirical slant on the stories and people making the week’s news. The Wind Up made sure that no-one in the public eye in Scotland would ever be able to take themselves too seriously!


Main performer – Jonathan Watson
Producer – Philip Differ


BBC Online Comedy Sketches

Various shorts for BBC Online Comedy


Multiple mini sketch series including The Joe Show (Joe Tracini), The Pointy Man’s Business Pointers (Greg McHugh) and Tommy and The Weeks (Tom Bell and Ed Weeks).


Producer – Gavin Smith

Magners Pint Sized Comedy

2 live shows / 20 x 1 stand up clips for Magners and Dave online plus related websites. See it HERE!


We teamed up with Magners and Dave (the home of witty banter) and recorded two live nights of stand up comedy during the Glasgow Comedy festival 2010. Raymond Mearns was the compere and 10 of the hottest emerging stand ups performed each night.


Performers – Scott Agnew, William Andrews, Hils Barker, Joe Bor, Susan Calman, Bridget Christie, Des Clarke, Carl Donnelly, Chris Forbes, Joe Heenan, Noel James, David Kay, Billy Kirkwood, David Longley, Raymond Mearns, Greg McHugh, Paul Pirie, John Ross, Mick Sergeant, Teddy.
Director – Michael Hines
Producer – Jacqueline Sinclair

Gags to Go



3 live shows/ 10 x 1 sketches for web & mobile / 1 x 10 minute podcast for web- 4Talent initiative 2007 See it here


A nationwide search to find new stand-ups, writers and comedy characters. From the hundreds of applicants, 30 saw their work performed at live shows in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The top 10 had their content filmed and these sketches were distributed via email, the 4Talent website and 4Mobile – one new clip every day for 10 days! The public voted and 4 winners emerged.

Huw Williams’ sketch ‘Home Alone’, Miriam Elia with her creation ‘Cockface’, Chris Grady’s ‘Horse Pictures’ and Dave Fellows performing as ‘Psycho Dave’. The winners spent a month with the Comedy Unit and created a 10 minute podcast, The Paranoia Show.


Performers – Greg McHugh, Sandy Nelson, Leah MacRae & Marj Hogarth.
Director – William Andrews
Producer – Jacqueline Sinclair